Get to Cat Lady Luxury Candle Co

Cat Lady Luxury Candle Co. is a family owned and operated small business located in beautiful Southern California. Over the years, we have gone through various name changes such as Silver Lake Candle Co and FYR Bath and Body; however, those names though wonderful, just didn't capture the essence of what Sandra (owner/maker) saw when envisioning the future of the family business. 

So in praying and seeking guidance, she was given the whole package in a dream. Thus, Cat Lady Luxury Candle Co. was born. We have also taken this time to curate and test each and every product we currently offer with more to come in the very near future. Cat Lady Luxury Candle Co. strives to be your one stop shop for all things natural home fragrance. Not to mention all of our fragrances/products are pet safe as well. 

***Our Motto: When You Breathe in Happy, You Live Happy!